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Career advice for mums: from Career Coach Laura Kingston

Laura Kingston of Leap Career Coaching is sharing her great career advice for mum’s in today’s Expert Career Advice interview.

I have 15 years’ experience within the Human Resources and Projects arenas, working in both private and public sector organisations.

I’ve worked for global brands here in the UK and abroad.

During a career break to spend some time bringing up my two young children, I completed two diplomas: Mindfulness and Life Coaching.

Using this knowledge, combined with my HR experience and business degree, I have set up Leap Career Coaching.

I’m based in South East Kent, however I have clients all over the UK via Skype and the phone.

I find that visualisation techniques work well with clients to help them with these situations.

Before the presentation, spend 5 minutes imagining the presentation being a huge success and surpassing your expectations.

You feel really confident, the content is well received, the audience is fully engaged and you are inundated with positive feedback afterwards.

Jump up and down a few times just before to get the energy pumping (maybe in the toilets so nobody can see you!)

Believe you can smash it and you will!

I’m really struggling to switch off from work when I’m at home (which is exhausting, and isn’t fair to my family).

It doesn’t help that I’m continuously getting work emails on my phone.

Any advice to help me switch off?

Switching off from work can be a tricky one in this day and age, but vitally important for your wellbeing.

Set up a schedule for your week and plan in family time and time for you, even if it’s just catching up on your favourite TV program.

Limit time on social media and stick to it. Turn off notifications so you don’t spend time throughout the day checking emails. Dedicate a chunk of time to reply to them all in one go, this is much more efficient and enables you to be more present with your family.

No technology Sunday‘s is a good family habit to get into, plus spending time in nature helps you to switch off.

I need a confidence boost. At home I feel so strong and capable looking after my baby girl.

But as soon as I get into work, it’s as if I’m a different person and I don’t believe I can do anything.

Why do I feel this way, and can you help me?

This is a really common feeling for return to work mums, you are not alone!

What you need to remember is that you have all the skills and experience you had before you had children, none of it has been taken away, you have just pressed the pause button.

It’s an adjustment phase and you need to be kind to yourself.

I offer one to one coaching and workshops to help mums return to work and have been there myself (twice!) I help my clients build confidence by looking at their mindset and exploring what is holding them back from reaching their full potential.

There is also increasing support from employers and the government to help people return to work after a career break, for example, more flexible working opportunities.

Don’t be afraid to talk to your support network as you will discover lots of mums feel this way and you are more than good enough!

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Thanks so much Laura for taking part in our Expert Career Advice series for mums.

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