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You should know: Pat Flynn – Smart Passive Income

As I mentioned, he graduated university with a degree in architecture and went to work for an architectural firm in what was seemingly a dream job.

However in 2008, with the economic downturn, Pat was let go from his firm a few months before his wedding.

This could have been a terrible time for Pat, but it wasn’t thanks to a little website that Pat had built on the side to help him study for his architectural exams. He found a way to monetise this website, and that was the beginning of his online career.

Pat started the Smart Passive Income website in 2008 as a way to share the strategies that had helped him grow his online business.

As he says:

“Since that time, it has become remarkably easy to find advice on internet marketing and starting an online business—but what has gotten harder is finding ethical advice that has been properly tested.”