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You Should Know: Rachel Hollis – The Chic Site

So I’ve just discovered Rachel Hollis, thanks to YouTube, and I’m so glad I did! She’s a mother to 4 kids and has been called the “female Tony Robbins”! I don’t know if that turns you on or off – it turns me on because I love Tony!

She runs a media company and two websites. Her main one is her blog The Chic Site and her other one is The Hollis Co.

Her story:

Her story is pretty amazing. After a difficult childhood, she moved to LA after high school and after working for Miramax and other movie production companies she started her own event company in LA. She then started her blog in 2008, which got super popular and soon she had big brands approaching her asking for her help to market their brands.

Now she’s a bestselling author of several books including one of my favourite ones, an amazing inspirational speaker, and she and her husband run several events throughout the year.

Here’s her book that I really love: