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Career advice for mums: from career coach Emma Jones

It’s easy to feel divorced from the workplace after a break and entirely natural as our skills and focus have been directed at nurturing a little human! Don’t underestimate what a major achievement and life-changing event this has been and feel proud of your career break, taking one is rarely a straightforward or easy decision.

Here are some ideas of how you can boost your confidence to get started with your job search:

Get clear on what it is you want, not what you think an employer will offer you. Acknowledge the break but focus on your skills (past and present) and work on what your strategy is for your working pattern.

Undertake a skills and strengths audit based on both your past and present circumstances – you will have gained some major skills from being a parent! There are also free tools available such as the DISC personality test and the 16Personalities test  to determine your working style.

• Share this with a trusted friend and talk through their perception of your skills and strengths (you’ll be surprised at what you’ve missed!)

Dust off that CV (or even old job specs) which can remind you of all the awesome things you did before ‘the most important job’ came along. Reflect on those times to bring that experience back to life.

Network to feel closer to the working world; via friends and family building up to something more formal. Motivation (and confidence) follows action and you will gain momentum! LinkedIn is a great place to start researching your chosen industry and related events so ensure you have an up to date profile.

Trust in the process. As you start researching jobs, refining your applications and getting noticed your confidence will return preparing you to return. Give yourself the space and time your job search strategy deserves.