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Why Consumers Are Turning To Womb Chair For Their Haircare Needs

Uniquely shaped

The Womb Chair’s sculptural shape and lines provide a wonderful way for you to sit comfortably. Florence Bassett Knoll wanted a chair shaped like a basket that was large enough to place lots of pillows. Originally shaped to meet the needs of his loved one Florence Bassett Knoll to create a beautifully shaped chair she could curl up in, the womb chair’s shape is a great choice for a relaxed posture. This shape and size provide comfort thus the name “Womb” making it a great addition in any haircare facility. 

Elegant style

The Womb chair’s style blends into any haircare setup from a modern and classic style, industrial or even minimal style. Due to the different colors available, this increases its potential to blend into any interior design. You can place it anywhere despite your preferred taste and it would still bring out the aesthetic value.

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