Whether you’re looking for a flexible job, or you just want some tips or support on the ever-present work-life juggle that us working mamas face, this list of Facebook groups has got you covered.

Career Dilemmas

Official group description:

Issues at work? Our career experts and you the members have the answers. Post your queries and get the best career advice and insights.

This group is for members to support one another through their career changes, transitions, transformations and dilemmas. Share your career questions, stories and inspiration in under 250 words and receive advice from members and career consultants.

Any relevant career aspects can be covered including:

  • Exploring career options
  • Choosing your ideal career
  • Changing your career
  • Starting a new business
  • Updating your CV
  • Struggling with a colleague or boss
  • Being unhappy in your current career/role
  • Returning to work after a career break
  • Dealing with pressure and stress
  • Being made redundant
  • Stepping up the career ladder
  • Going for an internal promotion
  • Creating a better work-life balance
  • Looking to improve your performance

Careering into Motherhood

Official group description:

I’m Jane and 4 years ago I literally went careering into motherhood. Between the Clear Blue stick and the Baby Shower, no-one actually put a helpful hand on my shoulder and said “Errrr….any thoughts on what you’ll do about your career?”

I’ve set up a recruitment business that helps working mothers find real jobs, that use their experience and qualifications and offer some aspect of flexibility. But we are inundated with applications and just do not have enough clients, to help everyone (we are working on that though).

So in the meantime I’ve set up Careering Into Motherhood. The objective is to share some of what we are learning as we talk to employers, the resources available to help you find flexible work, to support and enable more seriously, super-qualified mothers to have meaningful conversations with employers about the value they can bring…yep, despite also being parents.

Empowering Women with Work That Works

Official group description:

WELCOME to Empowering Women with Work That Works, a FREE group hosted by Digital Mums!

We’re so excited to launch this group to empower women everywhere to get their career mojo back! Maybe you’ve been raising your children or have taken a career break and you feel like you need a skillset refresh. Or it may be that you’re struggling day to day with imposter syndrome and lack of confidence and that these things are holding you back from achieving your goals. If any of this sounds familiar, you’re in the right place!!! We’ve set this group up to support YOU to go out there and get the success that you want.

Flexible Working For Mums Like Me (Dads Welcome!)

Official group description:

This group is a place for those hiring to post roles that a qualified and experienced mum or dad could do flexibly (all levels and sectors). And a place where those working flexibly can share experiences and challenges and offer support to other mums and dads.

Since setting up the group in Feb 2018 it’s grown to over 12k members. It’s not only a very powerful community of women supporting one another but also a platform to source brilliant candidates for roles.

Flexible working for the motherhood – by 2to3days

Official group description:

This Group is for you, the ambitious and hard-working mothers of the 2to3days hood, who don’t want to have to sacrifice family for a career and vice versa.  

Whether you’re looking a flexible opportunity that will still allow you to reach your full potential or want to connect with a support network for career-minded mothers this group is for you!

Ask any burning questions you have – remember there’s no such thing as a silly question, find others in a similar situation and share your successes, challenges as well as your experience to support others. This is the 2to3days Hood in action!

Freelance Heroes

Official group description:

Join the fastest growing, support group for UK freelancers on Facebook.

  1. Ask for help. – Whatever your challenge is (e.g. late payments, website query, productivity, motivation, etc.) – there are freelancers in this group that have experienced the same challenge as you.

    2. Answer the call of others – Without judgement or self-promotion, share your experiences of freelancing by helping to answer the questions that other freelancers post.

    This is very open, supportive, and safe group with which to engage with freelancers from across the UK.

Freelance PRs

Official group description:

Freelance working can be liberating. But it can also be lonely. I don’t mean that you’ve got no friends to socialise with, most PRs and Copywriters I know are very gregarious. But when you get a new brief, who do you run your ideas past? How do you know if the ideas are any good if you’ve only run them past your kittens and your Mum (who will always say (respectively) ‘prrr’ and ‘well done darling’).

What else? Oh when your computer mucks up and you’re on your own with deadlines zooming by. When you’re feeling unwell, you still have to drag yourself in. Accountancy, tax, all the bits that Gwyneth Paltrow never had to do in Sliding Doors when she gracefully set up her own PR agency and launched a restaurant with flowers in her hair.

Freelance PRs – Jobs Group

Official group description:

Freelance PRs and creatives for hire. *Please make it clear on your Facebook profile if you are a PR/creative or recruiter in order to be added onto here. If your profile does not state what you do we can’t add you. We also won’t add you unless you answer the questions when you apply*
Recruiters; head-hunters and clients welcome.
This is a PUBLIC group.

This group is for posting JOBS; please join our sister group “Freelance PRs” for more general discussion topics.

Guilty Mothers Clubhouse

Official group description:

The hub of Guilty Mothers Club, this private Facebook group is a place where we can talk openly and honestly about the realities of combining work and family life.

A friendly and supportive place to offer advice, encouragement and inspiration for how it can be done plus more than that, actually create change.

Passionate about women supporting other women, let’s ditch the guilt and develop our potential. You might work full time, part time or not work at all, join the discussion with enthusiasm and without judgement.

Jobs for Mums UK

Official group description:

Feel free to search for jobs or post any vacancies you may have. All posts will be moderated to try & prevent any spam. If you see anything suspicious then please report it to admin.

Jobs, Flexible Working From The Mummy Jobs Group

Official group description:

In this group you will find a wide range of flexible working roles that cover a wide range of sectors.

You can post roles that parents can work flexibly.

This group is also for sharing experiences and support for those already working flexibly or wanting to find flexible work.

So share your tips and advice, roles you’ve heard about, vacancies you have. Offer support to those asking for help. Ask questions and invite those you think will benefit from this community.

Job Search and CV assistance Milton Keynes (Mum to Mum)

Official group description:

As Mum to Mum grows we meet clients daily who need flexible staff and I am told about some awesome opportunities before the hit the internet or press.

So please join this group if you are looking for work or looking to employ local members of Mum to Mum.

CV assistance from £25 & workshops coming soon.

Jobs for Amazing Mums UK

Official group description:

This is a group for mums to find a job around their busy lifestyle. Employers can post jobs suitable for mums such as Part-time, Home based etc. also feel free to have a chat about finding a job and giving mums helpful tips to get back to work.

Job Vacancies In London

Official group description:

This group was made to help unemployed people in London.   Everyone can post job vacancies and business opportunities.

Marketing, PR, Comms Part Time / Job Sharers Network UK

Official group description:

The purpose of this group is to support those who are wishing to work part-time by:
– Offering an ability to network amongst other individuals who work flexibly, part-time or job share/wish to work part-time or job share
– Share experiences of part-time, flexible working and advice
– Advertising part-time roles you might spot/Promote job sharing opportunities
– Anything else relating to part-time or flexible working

Mind the Career Gap

Official group description:

Taken a career break to look after children or just take some time out.  Looking to come back into an industry which may have changed?

This group has been set up to support those looking to retrain and upskill to get back into the work place.  

We offer a community to help you find out about courses first hand, share your experiences and let us know how you got back into work. We are also here to support each other through the journey back to work.

Mothers & Careers London – Flexible Jobs

Official group description:

Mothers & Careers is a job board with flexible, full-time or part-time job opportunities curated from companies that allows for jobs with an element of flexibility.

This particular group is for people looking for flexible jobs in Greater London.

Mums in Business Association

Official group description:

Mothers & Careers is a job board with flexible, full-time or part-time job opportunities curated from companies that allows for jobs with an element of flexibility.

This particular group is for people looking for flexible jobs in Greater London.

Off the Grid Consultancy

Official group description:

OffTheGrid Consultancy – navigating the over 40’s to a successful Freelancing Portfolio Career!

OffTheGrid Consultancy was borne from my own experience in the Corporate world.

It is time to address the challenge of the 40 plus workforce who may also be dealing with health challenges, the real prospect of redundancy, ageism, the challenge of supporting ageing parents and the need for a better work/life balance.

Professional Women’s Network

Official group description:

If you’re a woman who wants to pursue a rewarding career, or an industry leader who believes in workplace equality, stick around and let’s chat. You can post a comment, ask a question or share your thoughts and ideas. Topics may include personal branding, negotiating at work, building confidence, finding a balance between work and personal life, or just about anything else work-related.

The Professional Women’s Network is an extension of WORK180 – a groundbreaking jobs board that connects women with the employers who support them and their careers.

Recruit a Mum

Official group description:

We specialise in recruitment of professional part-time, flexible and full-time roles across all sectors in local businesses.  Our main focus is to get mums back into the workplace balancing your career and family commitments. Our aim is to find you a rewarding role that will fit into your lifestyle.  Recruitamum will help you every step of the way!

Remote Jobs, Work Anywhere – Inventive Hub

Official group description:

Welcome to the Remote Jobs, Work Anywhere Facebook Group! We believe in educating and empowering Creatives, Professionals and  Entrepreneurs to thrive in the spirit of Community over Competition. The purpose of this group is to give all a daily place to check in with their colleagues, participate in group discussion, ask questions, seek positive support, share real work opportunities and connect with companies offering remote jobs.

Share My Telly Job

Official group description:

Share My Telly Job aims to get talented TV parents and part-timers back to work by putting you in touch with your perfect job sharing partner…we’ll put you in touch with the people who have the jobs and get you cracking back in the career you love.

She’s Back

Official group description:

Women and work. Everything you need to know: pay, progression, returning, career development, negotiation. A one-stop shop where we can all help each other.

The Accountants Inner Circle

Official group description:

This is a place for accountants to gather.  

To support each other.  

To connect with each other.  

To have a community.

If you are running an accounting business then we’d love to have you in the group.

The Balance Collective With Clara Wilcox

Official group description:

The Closed Group to discuss all things return to work, career, business and confidence for parents. A place to discuss the highs and challenges of parents balancing their life and career and to comment on any relevant stories or articles in the media.

Think of it as our virtual coffee shop catch up!

The official space of The Balance Collective Book Club; monthly reviews and discussion about personal and business development books.

The Compassionate Career Collective

Official group description:

The Compassionate Career Collective is a free group to help you with your job search or career change. Offering job search tips, discussion, training and ongoing support while you transition from one area of your working life to another.

The Freelance Lifestylers

Official group description:

The Freelance Lifestylers is a group for freelancers and freelancers-to-be who want to chat with other self-employed types.

Third Sector PR & Comms network

Official group description:

This is a group for people working in Comms, PR or Marketing in the Third Sector.

You will find new charity communications contacts, great advice and a lot of useful ideas, relevant job vacancies, events and resources being shared.

Working Mum Association

Official group description:

Welcome to The Working Mum Association Group – where we can chat about anything and everything to do with being a Working Mum.

This is YOUR group for you to shape as you wish. The only thing I ask is that it stays positive and that we encourage, support and inspire each other.

Working Mums’ Hub

Official group description:

If you’re a working mum, a mum who would like to return to work, or someone just keeping an eye on possible opportunities – welcome!  

Please share your tips and discoveries to help fellow working mums, answer questions and ask your own questions.  Let’s share and learn!

We’ll also post jobs and opportunities, including returnships.  
Entrepreneurs are very welcome, as are dads.

Wonderful Working Mums in HR

Virtual Assistant Jobs